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Benefits of Shopping Local

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The age of big box stores and online shopping is upon us! These national chains and massive online stores are making it nearly impossible for local businesses to stay alive.  As convenient and efficient as choosing to shop from a mega-store may be, shopping from local businesses benefits not just the community but the economy as a whole - not to mention you will find that these local merchants are more unique and personalized for you.

Shopping Local Strengthens The Economy

When giving support to these independent, local merchants they will in return help other local businesses and workers by purchasing from local suppliers and producers, using local accountants, insurance brokers, advertising agencies, attorneys and more. This leads to what is known as the “multiplier effect”, where each dollar spent at a local independent shop causes 2 to 3.5 recirculated in the local economy. Big chain stores have processes set up where they won’t use any local services the way a local business in your community would. Aside, from the multiplier effect local businesses give opportunity for employment for those who live in the community.

Brings The Community Together

Shopping at local stores gives a chance for neighbors to get to know eachother better. This allows people to be more interactive, which could lead to relationships and a closer community.

Additionally, taking into consideration the passion these local owners have for the community gives value to where you live. Owners of these stores often invest their life savings into the businesses and want it to make a mark long-term for people who live nearby. Also, these are more often than not the people who are on local boards supporting cases for charitable endeavors or community improvements.

Local shops give character to a community and make it a better place to live. Having a coffee shop where the barista knows the customers’ names, or having the ability to walk to the nearby clothing shop to find newly delivered outfits makes someone feel a sense of belonging. People want to live in locations where not only is there a lot to do, but where they can feel comfortable and happy. This feeling helps the growth in a community.

Make a difference and keep these smaller businesses alive! It is good for you and your community.



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